Why is the PP Aquanaut 5167 from 3K-factory so expensive?

In my opinion, Rolex and Patek Philippe are two best-selling brands in the past 2019, about Rolex, Daytona is absolutely the main role, I always suggested my clients buy Daytona from Noob factory when they asked me which one is the best replica Rolex. About Patek Philippe, Nautilus and Aquanaut are best sellers, many factories have gotten involved in making replicas of Aquanaut and Nautilus, the most famous are ZF, PF and PPF, maybe there are also some other small factories without name, you know, sometimes you can be easily cheated by the sales person in our watch market if you do not have friends there. Ok, let’s back to the topic I am going to discuss, it is about the Patek Philippe Aquanaut replica, with a reference of 5167, whose case diameter is 40mm, the watch is made by 3K factory.

Actually ZF and PF also made the 40mm Aquanaut 5167 replica, ZF and PF are two big factories that have been in the replica field for years, about 3K, I do not know this factory, when I ordered a Patek Philippe Aquanaut replica from my supplier in the factory, he told me something about 3K factory, I was surprised by its price, because the price of Aquanaut 5167 replica from 3K is almost 100 USD higher than that of ZF or PF. You know, the Aquanaut from ZF or PF is about 460 USD, so 3K factory sells this model at nearly 600 USD, this is too incredible, and such high price is not acceptable for many people.

Why so expensive? As far as I know, there are no other breakthrough points on this 3K-factory Aquanaut except its correct case thickness like genuine. Yes, 3K factory makes this watch with a correct thickness, which is 8.1mm, you know, genuine watch is also 8.1mm, that’s something a new factory will be very proud of. However, maybe the only advantage of 3K Aquanaut is their correct case thickness, I did not see any other advantages when being compared with the Aquanaut from ZF or PF. Absolutely many buyers care about the thickness, some are even addicted with it, but I do not think it is worth to spend more than 580 USD to buy such a watch with rubber band, while my supplier told me that the rubber band on 3K Aquanaut is not as good as that on ZF or PF.

So, if you do not care too much about the thickness, I do not suggest you buy the Aquanaut from 3K factory. ZF and PF are two big factories, they have been making replicas of PP Aquanaut and Nautilus for a long time, the case finish and dial details are absolutely better than 3K factory. I do not know why 3K has so much courage to sell their Aquanaut at such a high price.

Pictures of 3K Patek Aquanaut:

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